With love

Morgan de Villiers is an international design partnership with 20+ years of combined experience designing stringed instruments and over 100 unique instrument designs in production. Because of their intimate communications with players over the years, they have come to believe that music is a form of magic….a healing force with the power to affect and transform lives. This belief is now at the cutting edge of medical research across many disciplines.

In an uncertain world, what we all long for is the belief that change and transformation are possible and that we can be a part of that change. Music can help us connect, cooperate and care for each other. It can transform lives by using it as a force for good in our homes and in our communities.
Alkemi…the transformation of base metals into gold…is the perfect metaphor for a company that promotes and encourages meaningful change through music.

Historically, alchemy was an early form of chemical technology (3rd - 17th century) exploring the nature of substances. It was also a philosophy of the cosmos and of mankind’s place in the scheme of things.  It was both the art of outer transmutation of matter and inner transmutation of self.

It developed an amazing language of emblematic symbolism which it used to explore the world. The imagery is lush and magical and so are Alkemi offerings. We use alchemy’s ancient, visually arresting symbolism interpreted in a contemporary style to create musical instruments and lifestyle products for musicians and music enthusiasts.

The concept of alchemy is not simply an elusive dream of transmuting base metals into gold. It’s about transmuting the base reactionary emotions of fear, anger and hatred into their non-reactive states of love, courage and compassion. We want Alkemi instruments to be part of that equation.

At Alkemi, we believe everything matters. And we believe that energy follows intent. So every Alkemi offering is created with intention, love, joy and a profound wish for transformation and healing in the lives of those it touches.

Please read our manifesto.