A row of human faces
We are a band of Artists, Musicians, Poets, Mystics, Seekers, and Kind People of every age and description - Alchemists all.

We are committed to our own transformation and the transformation of our world. We are committed to changing isolation into connection, indifference into compassion, coldness into kindness, ignorance into insight,  competition into cooperation, and  fear into love.

We aren’t afraid of the dark because that’s where the light is hidden. We aren’t afraid of diving deep into life’s crucible because that’s where our true selves are revealed. We aren’t afraid of failing because failure is our greatest teacher. We aren’t afraid to speak the truth even when our voices shake.

We know a crucial truth - everyone and everything is connected and interdependent. We know the alchemy of music helps reveal connections between human beings, between our spirits, our stories, our histories and our futures. We know music unites us in a way way that transcends language, culture, reason, gender and generations.

We know the small things are the big things. So we make art together. We sing together with our hearts and our souls and our blood. We sing loud so our love and our joy will radiate because we know what our world needs most is our love and our joy.

Human faces

All uniqueAll beautiful