Alkemi believes music is magic and good medicine; a healing force with the power to affect and transform lives. And we have a magic formula:
You buy a ukulele = We give a ukulele to a hospitalized child
For every natural finish ukulele purchased on, we donate one of our Alkemi Play Series ukuleles to a hospital with a music therapy program.



Our first partner is Johns Hopkins All Children’s hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. The hospital’s music therapy program, in existence since 1993, helps children and families cope with pain, stress, fear, isolation, medical procedures and being in the hospital. It is well established that music therapy can help hospitalized kids feel better, heal better and go home sooner.




Ukuleles are the perfect sized instrument for a hospital setting and are proven stress relievers whether used for lessons or independent patient play. The exuberant octopus graphic on our donated uke raises a smile before you even pick it up and, best of all, children get to keep their ukuleles when they leave the hospital to continue their healing through music. Alkemi looks forward to expanding our donations to hospitals with music therapy departments nationwide.